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FIMA Group Services   FIMA Group understands the importance of offering choice and flexibility to customers. Thus, the company gives its customers the opportunity of ordering from the UK warehouse or China warehouse.

UK Operations:

The company's main office is based in London, UK where all design, sales and administration is conducted. The London warehouse also operates at this location and customers enjoy ordering small unit quantities (exworks) of Fortuna branded products from this warehouse.

China Direct:

As a direct result of the company's increased international presence, the FIMA Group established two manufacturing facilities near Suzhou, China where it provides own label and FIMA products to leading companies worldwide. Our ability to guarantee quality control on every aspect of production as well as its flexibility in terms of quantities and specifications has been a major contributory factor in the part of the businesses success.


The FIMA Group around the world:
The company has numerous successful distributor partnerships around the world. Interest in the FIMA Group brands continues to grow internationally due to trade shows and our reputation for innovation in our product range. Our export customers recognise the benefits of working with the FIMA Group and enjoy competitive prices with high quality goods and excellent service. For further information on how we can work with you in your region please contact the export department at


or call +44 20 8805 2319 .

Our Brands: 

Fortuna VitaPlus J4K Luna Raffa
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